Cyber Timez

Program Partner

Cyber Timez is a wearable devices company which helps blind people become more independent with Cyber Eyez smart glasses and other tools. They have partnered up with hospitals and other medical organizations to make it easy for veterans to get access to Cyber Eyez. We currently have an exclusive agreement with Cyber Timez to distribute the Cyber Eyez smart glasses application to American veterans with blindness and low vision for the next 4-5 years, helping approximately 175,000 veterans in the process.

Sean Tibbetts is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Cyber Timez.  In the past, Cyber Timez has also partnered with Melling Medical to make it easier for veterans to have CyberEyez.

Types of Products Offered

Currently, Cyber Timez sells two different types of CyberEyez glasses starting at $1,997. These models include:

• CyberEyez M100 Complete Package

• CyberEyez M300 Complete Package

The features that come with both versions of the glasses include all the following:


15x magnification with no lag and in real-time

This feature is used to help wearers fill out forms and watch TV without as much hassle. Visually impaired people can even get a closer view of their friends and family.

Mood detection

Wounded vets wearing CyberEyez will be able to know how the other person is feeling when they talk to them, whether the emotion be sad, angry, or happy.

Scanning bar codes on products

CyberEyez comes with computer vision-based bar code scanning technology, so wounded veterans will be able to scan a product in and submit it to Google so they can hear the first search result instantly.

Tons of object recognition capability

CyberEyez already recognizes over 16 billion objects through the power of Google Images. No pre-training is required for these smart glasses, making it more convenient for wounded and disabled veterans to take advantage of.


Read Text (OCR) in over 100 languages without an internet connection available

CyberEyez allows wearers to do just about anything related to reading. Whether the task involves reading a menu at a restaurant or looking at emails online, the wearable glasses application is quite versatile.


Identifying over 1,500 colors

The CyberEyez glasses application allows people to recognize what color objects are. For example, if the wearer wanted to know what color their pants were, CyberEyez would be able to recognize the exact color name and the color family of the pants.

More About Cyber Timez

The driving force at Cyber Timez is to make products that make a difference in people’s lives. They are driven by their motto “Always in the service of others” and have won many Internet of Things (IoT) awards and competitions.  Cyber Timez is just one of several partners we work with regularly to help improve the lives of wounded American veterans. We also work with other partners such as Minton Jones Co. , Warrior IT Solutions , and Wounded Transition Battalion