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Q: What is the Wounded Warrior Supply Program?
The Wounded Warrior Supply Program is a division of Minton-Jones resulting from the partnership forged between themselves and the Wounded Warrior Program. The program provides meaningful private sector employment opportunities to our nation’s wounded warriors. Every purchase through the program aids in the fight against unemployment among U.S. Veterans who have sustained permanent injuries during their tour of service.
Q: What are the benefits to using the Wounded Warrior Supply Program over a local Base Supply Store?

Base supply stores differ from base-to-base. In general:

The items for sale at Base Supply Stores are limited to select bases and their geographical areas. Wounded Warrior Supply Program stores are consistent in their inventory, regardless of geographical location.

Over 40,000 items in stock!

Next day delivery available to all 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia.

Products are listed on the Department of Defense (DOD) Email.

Q: How does the Wounded Warrior Supply Program create meaningful jobs?
A: The Wounded Warrior Supply Program works closely with the Warrior Transition Battalion at Ft. Bragg to identify and match eligible candidates with suitable employment opportunities.
Q: What supplies do you offer?

A: The Wounded Warrior Supply Program offers a wide range of products, including general office supplies, technology hardware, business furnishings and maintenance/breakroom supplies. Beyond the catalog, we also assist Federal buyers and companies source hard-to-find specialty items and/or services. 

Having trouble finding a particular office supply item? If so, please contact us, toll free, at 877-446-0609, or by email at [email protected]
Q: Is the entire Minton-Jones catalog available for purchase through the Wounded Warrior Supply Program?
A: Yes. The entire Minton-Jones catalog is available for purchase through the Wounded Warrior Supply Program.
Q: Is Minton-Jones AbilityONE authorized?
A: Yes. Minton-Jones Company has been AbilityONE authorized since April 2009. At this time, there are over 1,000 Ability ONE/SkilCraft® items available for purchase through the Wounded Warrior Supply Program. To view our official AbilityONE authorization, please visit AbilityONE.org.
Q: Is the purchasing program exclusive?
ANo. Purchases can be made through the Wounded Warrior Supply Program by both Government corporations and private sector businesses. Buyers learn about the Wounded Warrior Supply Program during their Purchasing Card training, and are able to make purchases through the site.
Q: Does Minton-Jones employ disabled Veterans?
A: Absolutely! Minton-Jones is dedicated and committed to hiring our Nation’s disabled Veterans!  Minton-Jones currently employs disabled Veterans at Ft. Bragg’s Womack Army Medical Center, and will continue to hire more wounded warriors as the program is established at other military installations within the United States. 
Q: Who does the Wounded Warrior Supply Program benefit?
AThe Wounded Warrior Supply Program benefits the Wounded Warrior Program, and their ongoing mission and objectives.
Q: What is the Wounded Warrior Program?
A: The Wounded Warrior Program creates meaningful employment opportunities in the private sector for wounded warriors in their transition from the battlefield to the workplace. The WWP mission is further supported by revenue generated through sales of business supplies and the sourcing and fulfillment of specialty health, emergency products, equipment, and appliances through their online supply shop.