Wounded Warrior Program: The Mission

Over 2000 warriors successfully transitioned


The Wounded Warrior Program was founded in 2009 by CEO Dr. David Godbold, Ph.D., with the sole mission to assist wounded warriors in finding meaningful employment opportunities as they transition from the battlefield to the private sector.

WWP is endorsed by – and works directly with – the Warrior Transition Battalion, whose mission is to help counsel, rehabilitate, train, and prepare wounded warriors in their transition back to civilian life.

The WWP acts as a stepping stone in their successful transition from warrior to civilian.

“We will never stop until all wounded warriors who seek employment, find their way back to our American workplace.” – Dr. David Godbold


Since 2009, the WWP has been raising awareness concerning the employment needs of our nation’s wounded heroes, successfully instating dedicated employment programs within over 30 Federal offices, military bases and military hospitals.

Working closely with Warrior Transition Battalions and private employers, the WWP helps match each individual warrior with the best possible position, ensuring a fluid and successful transition from combat to corporate.

What We’re Doing to Act

 Keeping in line with our dedication to helped wounded veterans, we’ve partnered up with Cyber Timez in 2017 to help nearly 175,000 blind and disabled vets live healthier, happier lives through the power of wearable smart glasses. 

We’re constantly finding new partners to help spread our mission, so please check back often for more updates.