We want you to stay updated on the latest news from the Wounded Warrior Program. We’re constantly updating this page with information about our latest partnerships and agreements with other vendors and companies who share our goals and vision to help wounded American veterans.

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View our current press releases where you can keep up with the latest happenings at the Wounded Warrior Program.  Here are some of our latest updates.

Cyber Timez and the Wounded Warrior Program Team Up to Help Blind Veterans

The Wounded Warrior Program is excited to announce a new, exclusive agreement we’ve reached with Cyber Timez, a wearable devices company, to sell Vuzix M300 Smart Glasses to blind and disabled American veterans so they can see better. Over the next five years, it’s estimated we’ll be helping around 175,000 wounded veterans with blindness and vision problems.

Wounded Warrior Program Announces Corporate Sponsor, Launches New Website

The Wounded Warrior Program is thrilled to announce our new corporate sponsor, which is the Minton-Jones Company. Minton-Jones was founded by Lt. Travis W. Jones and Private William B. Minton and is currently led by Chip Jones. They are now our sole inventory supplier to the Wounded Warrior Program’s online supply store.

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Learn more about how we’re getting involved and helping over 2000 wounded warriors transition back to the workforce.


View the types of products we sell to wounded veterans. We sell office supplies, furniture, and tech gear and have over 25,000 items in stock.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping change the lives of injured veterans and abide by the following principles:


To connect wounded warriors with prospective employment opportunities.


To be a source of employment for our wounded warriors.


To provide quality goods, exceptional value and streamlined product purchasing options to our buyers.


To ultimately make a difference in the lives of the deserving men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect and defend our country.

We not only believe in our core principles and mission but actively take the time to find other organizations who share our burning desire to help wounded veterans.

About the Wounded Warrior Program

The Wounded Warrior Program is a program designed to help wounded veterans find gainful employment even after traumatic losses during military service. We are in Norcross, GA and work with vendors such as the Minton-Jones Company and Cyber Timez to provide office supplies and other office products to the veterans who need them most. We also generate revenue by supporting veterans who have suffered from service-related injuries and health conditions, whether mental, physical or emotional.